New Measure Insurance

Discount Window Blinds and ShadesMeasuring for shades is extremely easy but if you are nervous, we just added a measure insurance that you can choose for most of our blinds and shades. It covers mis-measures only and not all of our products. It has to be listed as an option when you select your blinds or shades. It is 9% the cost of the treatment. If the blind is mis-measured, in most cases, just send the blind back and we will make you a new one at the size you need. That’s it. You are responsible for shipping the treatment back. There is a chance we may need to use parts from the old shade and we have that right to (motors are the most common reason). Shipping back to you is free of charge unless it is 94″ or wider and you would have to pay the over-sized fee.

We had and example recently for $1200 worth of motorized roller shades. Our customer mis-measured all four but had the insurance. He complained when we told him to ship the blinds back but he did so anyways. So, the cost of the insurance was $108 (9%) & it cost roughly $30 to ship the blinds back. We remade them. He was out only $138 which included shipping and the insurance. He said later that it still was $500 less than he was quoted by a local blinds outlet even with the mismeasure. So, it can definitely be worth it if you need peace of mind.


    • James says:

      Hi dfreezy, I think we all toyed with this at one time or another. They were the first I believe to go live with it. It’s a great option if your nervous but mis-measures are actually very rare.

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