Add Beauty And Privacy To Windows With Our New Woven Window Blinds

The decor of any room is never truly finished until window treatments are added. Woven window blinds are some of the most versatile window dressings available. They compliment many different decorating styles from elegant, modern or traditional to rustic, tropical or exotic. They are a beautiful finishing touch to any room.

Woven blinds are made from many materials including wood, bamboo, jute, grasses and reeds. These organic renewable materials are environmentally friendly while offering beauty and style. Construction styles in a large variety of colors, patterns, bindings and backings are available from which to choose. Sizes range from 24″ to 96″ in width and 36″ to 96″ in length. They may be mounted outside the window frame or within it. Inside mounting within the frame creates a nicely tailored look that emphasizes the size of the window. The window casing must be deep enough for the mounting brackets in order for the head rail to fit when fully recessed. Outside mounted shades are mounted on the wall or window molding beyond the window frame. This type of mounting works when one desires to cover an area larger than just the window. It must be used when the window casing is not deep enough to accommodate the mounting brackets.

Options in shade construction include roll up shades with either pull strings or continuous loop operators, top down/bottom up ones which can be raised from the bottom or lowered from the top, motorized and remote-controlled, or sliding panels for sliding glass doors. Shades can be light filtering, room darkening or designed for complete privacy. Woven wood blinds are a sturdy, beautiful option. Bamboo blinds also are as well as being wonderful interior shade providers. Available in pull up and roman styling, they are light-filtering window treatments and add warmth and versatility to any room. Motorized shades are perfect for high or hard to reach windows. Their remote control is able to operate multiple shades as a time. Woven window blinds are also suitable for sky lights and solarium windows and, when attached to the ceiling, will serve as privacy screens or room dividers.

Edge bindings are available which transform the appearance of the blinds and add a more elegant finish to room decor. They also serve the practical purpose of protecting the edges of the shade’s materials from damage. When selecting blind color and design, edge bindings and any linings order free samples of each to make sure the color is exactly what you need. Computer monitors sometimes show the viewer a difference in shade and tone, which can be deceiving. When ordering, order all the shades for the same room at the same time to be sure they come from the same dye lot so all colors will match. Colors can vary from dye lot to dye lot. If shades will be on neighboring windows or several shades will be on a wide window under one header, this prevents mismatches.

Wooden blinds can be up to 20% lighter than those made of faux wood and usually carry a lifetime warranty against chipping and warping. The slats general range in width from one to two and a half inches. They come with a crown valance that is contoured at the bottom and all necessary hardware. Their R-value (the energy efficiency rating) is good, effectively blocking out both cold and heat. Bamboo shades come with their slats flat or rounded. Rounded slats give a more relaxed appearance while flat ones look more formal. Shades made with both flat and rounded have a tropical flair. All woven, wooden and bamboo blinds, as with any natural decorating materials, are quite popular in today’s decor.

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