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We all love the Texan sun, but sometimes it just gets in the way. Worry not! The experts at Shades Shutters Blinds have a solution for those pesky glares that ruin your view of the vast state of Texas outside your home.

best windows for texas weather

So how do you make sure your home has the best windows for Texas weather? The windows themselves must  comply with your local energy code. The following white sheet goes into much greater detail about the requirements and considerations to consider when purchasing new windows for your home.

Once you have installed your new windows and ensured that are compliant with your local energy code, it’s time to cover them!

But which window coverings are best for the Texas weather? You will want a window covering that efficiently blocks heat but also keeps cool air inside. Additionally, you will want a blind, shade or shutter that also keeps out cold air during the winters. Although Texas winters can be mild, they can also bring ice storms, snow flurries and freezing rain!

First, a southern classic- Plantation Shutters.

Known for their sturdy construction and durability, these window coverings are favorite among homeowners. Available in real wood, faux wood and composite (PVC) materials, the substantial louvers, or slats, are perfect for keeping out the heat OR the cold. The adjustable louvers will allow you to let in the sun at your disclosure, and the timeless elegance of Plantation Shutters will give your brand new windows a unique splendor.

best windows for texas weather

Windows that face the sun during the heat of the afternoons can make the room they are in insufferably warm.

For windows such as these, we recommend Sunscreen Roller Shades. The name says it all: these are roller shades that operate as a single piece of fabric. However, they are constructed of a semi-see through material that allows a limited amount of sunshine through while still protecting your home from the harmful UV rays that damage furniture. As they will still allow a view outside and inside the window, these are not recommended where privacy is a must.

If the window you are trying to cover faces the sun but is a private room such as a bedroom or bathroom, we recommend Blackout Roller Shades.

Once again, their name says it all. When lowered, these shades will black out almost 100% of the sun’s rays. You can keep them drawn during the mornings and lower them during the afternoon when the sun is at its hottest. These shades will keep your room cool and comfortable even during the sweltering Texas summer.

best windows for texas weather

Looking for something a bit more elegant and light?

Check out Honeycomb Shades. Their air pocket design provides increased energy efficiency and they are available in a spattering of colros and hues to suit your fancy. They are constructed of spun-lace and will still do an excellent job of filtering out the sun’s harmful rays while allowing some sunlight to penetrate through your new windows. They are also available with a milar blackout lining that will block out even more of the sun’s rays. This liner is useful for windows that face the sun during the hot afternoons in Texas.

best windows for texas weather

We hope we have given you some inspiration so that you will have the best windows for Texas weather. Still have more questions? Visit our site and start chatting NOW with our live support operators. Or call us at 800-789-8583 and speak with one of our seasoned window coverings experts.

And stay cool this Texas summer! It’s bound to be a hot one!

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