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best blinds for sunrooms

When the seasons start to change and spring begins to arrive, we know your focus is going to change from what’s happening INSIDE your house to what’s happening OUTSIDE of it. It’s been a freezing winter-but the weather is finally changing and if you have used a sunroom builder maryland to build your perfect room to relax, you will be spending more and more time in it, basking in the sunlight.

Many homeowners choose not to cover their windows in their sunrooms; they enjoy the light coming through at full force. However, with sun rooms that face east or west, the sun may pose more of an issue (especially during the summer, with sun comes heat). Avoid resentment towards the sun in your sun rooms with these recent trends in sun room window coverings.

So what are the best blinds for sunrooms?

We’re seeing more and more Woven Woods (also known as Natural Roman Shades) popping up everywhere we go.

Woven woods have a relatively low R-Value, which means they’re not heavily insulating. This is ideal for sunrooms because you don’t want the shades to actually prohibit sunlight from penetrating your windows. Catching rays is why we use sunrooms, right?


This picture shows a very popular option for blinds and shades across the board: The Top Down Bottom Up Feature. However, this feature is even more popular for sun rooms. Why? If you want shades or blinds in your sun room, it’s probably to help cut some of the pesky rays from shining into your eyes. But, you don’t want to make the room actually dark. So the Top Down Bottom Up feature comes into play. Top Down Bottom Up allows you to raise and lower the shade from both the top and bottom, providing more versatility to the window treatment and how it blocks or filters light.

If your goal is more privacy in your sun room- check out Roman Shades.

Woven Wood Shades are simply roman shades made out of natural materials. While woven woods allow light through the gaps in the texture, Roman Shades offer a more opaque construction. This means that when the shades are down, most of the light from the window will be blocked.

best blinds for sunroom

Roman Shades and Woven Woods are probably two of the most popular options for covering sunroom windows. However, there are more options!

You may have been noticing more and more mentions of Sheer Shades in this blog. Well, there’s two reasons for that: one- Sheer is IN. Refer to my Window Decorating Trends article. The second reason is that this blogger’s favorite window covering is: you guessed it. Sheer Shades.

Regardless of my personal taste,

Sheer Shades can be an excellent option for sun rooms.

The reason for this lies in their name: they’re sheer. This means that while they are probably not ideal for privacy, they allow a great deal of light through their transparent fabric. They look elegant, classy and light. Check out the Ballet Comfortex Vertical Sheer Blinds– they’re ideal for the often large windows present in sun rooms.
best blinds for sunroom

If you have a serious glare problem in your sun room, you may think about installing Solar Shades.

Solar Shades or Sunscreen Shades have traditionally been the most efficient way to block out harmful UV rays and the sun’s glare. These are the same shades you will often see in businesses that have large windows facing east or west. They’ll block out the majority of the light when they’re drawn-perfect for when you need to catch up on emails or sit down with a good book.

best blinds for sunrooms

Plantation Shutters for sunrooms may also suit your fancy.

They are permanent structures, so you can add their cost into the value of your home. The slats (or louvers) on Plantation Shutters can be adjusted to allow light through while still blocking out some of the more annoying rays. They will also give your sun room an injection of grandeur.

best blinds for sunrooms


Hopefully we’ve given you some ideas to help you along in your search for the best blinds for sunrooms. If you have any more questions, comment below or call us at 800-789-8583!

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