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So- what’s in for 2014?

The window coverings industry, like all others, changes with the years. With a new year means new trends and new ideas for dressing up your windows. Shades Shutters Blinds has been selling window coverings through the internet since 2001- so we know a little something about change. Let’s break down some of the biggest window decorating trends in 2014 and show you how we fit into the equation.

window decorating trends

First up, Sheer. Sheer. Sheer.

You may have been hearing more and more about Sheer Shades lately. So have we. Also known as “Sheer Honeycomb Shades,” they’re gaining prominence in homes across the nation. This blogger’s own fashion conscious mother just purchased them for her home.


What’s in as far as Sheer Shades goes? Some are going with dark, dramatic and unique colors not typically seen with sheer in years past. Cocoa Bean and Black, for instance, are two color options we offer that we expect to see an uptick in sales for.

Sage Mocha

Others are combining different tones of sheer shades in the same room. For example, one window may feature sage sheer shades and another mocha, as pictured above. Another possibility is combining goldenrod and cocoa bean (pictured below) . Or check out our Sheer Shades collection and mix different colors to your own personal taste.

Goldenrod Cocoa Sheer


Another trend for 2014 window coverings (we’ve been noticing it’s also a fashion trend for clothing) are patterns. Whimsical and unpredictable patterns are creeping up in Roller Shades and Roman Shades. Comfortex Roller Shades feature the Bora Bora Collection, with patterns like Coconut Shell and Sand Dune. Remember – dramatic tones are in too. So consider combining the best of both worlds – Ash Grey patterned Roller Shades by Comfortex.

 Island Oasis ASh Grey Bora Bora

Not looking for roller shades? Check out our Classic Roman Shade color and pattern collection. With dark tones like Silk Plum and patterns like Donetta Barley, these shades have everything fashionable about 2014.

 silk plum bermuda sage dakr pattern

Another pattern option: consider a neutral window covering, like our Faux Wood Blinds, with a patterned cotton tape liner running down the front and back of the blind. This will give you that patterned accent with a more subtle tone.

 Cotton Tape


One of the biggest trends for window coverings this year is drapery. Considered a fashion faux paux by many in the 90’s, these window dressers are making a swift comeback.

 window decorating trends

One thing to keep in mind about drapery, though- drapery will only insulate your windows effectively when closed. So during those cold winter days when you have to shut out the light to stay warm, you may regret sacrificing insulation for fashion’s sake. Best solution? Combine drapery with sheer shades. Sheer shades’ often transparent appearance will draw the attention to your drapery while still providing you with both light and insulation.

 window decorating trends

An extremely close alternative to drapery is the Comfortex Ballet Sheer Blinds sold by Shades Shutters Blinds. These elegant window treatments offer the appearance of a sheer drape with the functionality of a blind. The honeycomb design of sheer blinds provides a layer of air pocket insulation from the outside elements. Want a vintage look? Order samples of the Cinnamon Spice Ballet Sheer Blinds. Eucalyptus is another option for those that want to go off the beaten path of sheer blinds.

Remember- going out on a limb is in style this year!


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