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Window Box Ideas

All hail to summer and the beautiful weather and sunshine that comes with it. This summer, throwback to the past with the ever-enduring window boxes. Fill ‘em up with flowers and paint ‘em however you want-but if you want a few summer window box ideas from the window experts, you’re in the right place.

window box ideas

Nantucket window box by pearlsandprose on Flickr

1. Planting Prep

Size matters.

Try and make sure the box you will be using is within a few inches of the window size. Small differences won’t matter much – but larger ones might. Also remember that depending on the plants you want to have in your window box, they may require a certain amount of space in between each in order to grow correctly. Minimum dimensions for your window box should be about 8 inches deep by 8 inches wide so that your plants can thrive!

Make sure it matches.

Softwood and hardwood boxes are ideal if you plan to paint or stain your boxes to go with the style of your home. Other types of materials like metals or concrete can also function as a window box but you may find them more difficult to work with.

#DIY is always an option.

Remember, if you can’t find a box that fits your window size, especially if it is oddly shaped, you can always create your own! 1 inch boards are best for construction, and don’t forget to use waterproof glue! Galvanized or brass screws will make for the sturdiest supports. Drain holes are also a must in order to keep your plants healthy and not over-watered. Don’t forget to have the right tools to keep them neat and tidy as well, I’ve heard you can discover those at places similar to EasyShed.

window box ideas

Window Box by Goby1 on Flickr

2. Positioning

Put the box below the window, giving a few inches in between. Use steel brackets to secure the box in place and fasten them with screws. Then rest the box on those supports and screw the bottom of the box to the brackets.Mount the box first, BEFORE you start planting!

3. Planting and care

You’ve got the box ready and secured to the window- it’s time to plant! Choose whether you’re going to be planting cirectly into the container (with or without plastic lining) or dropping in potted plants and covering the spaces between with a filler like mulch or moss. Once you’ve decided on how you’re going to plant, just plant as you would normally, following the planting and care directions related to each plant you decide on.

What should you plant inside your new window box?

You’ve chosen your container and found a spot for it under your window. Don’t get lazy on the final step – choosing the right plants for the box will make all the difference! Select a combo of vines, fillers, annuals, and permanent flowers to give your window box the perfect amount of variety. You can use flower bulbs and grow the flowers yourself or choose plants that have already gown so that you can enjoy the box straight away. Choosing plants that contrast with the window or siding of your home will make your box stand out. Just remember to give the appropriate amount of space for your plants to thrive.

window box ideas

Pictured: Vinca Major (Perennial or Permanent Plant)


  • Morning Glories: Durable, vine-y and beautiful-Morning Glories are a great option for those who don’t want too much upkeep during the summer season. They grow like vines-so be ready for them to expand outside the window box! This flower is excellent if you want an ivy-like feel on the side of your home around your window.

  • Pansies: One of the classics for window boxes, pansies offer stand-out color in many hues and quickly fill gaps between perennials (permanent plants) or other annuals.

  • Petunias: Petunias work perfectly when you want your window box to shine in the summer sun. Try cascading varieties, as well as multifloras, for all kinds of flowers in different colors.

  • Impatiens: When you plant in the shade, you HAVE to use these! Impatiens also come in a huge variety of colors. We recommend using dwarf varieties of the plant to control their dominance of the window box.

  • Dianthus: Beautiful color AND fragrance, what could be better? Attach a scent to the beauty of your window box with this plant specimen.

Permanent plants

  • Dusty Miller: perfect for alternating different varieties of flowers throughout your window box. Their white leave will help draw attention to the vibrant colors of the flowers on either side and are very durable – just remember to keep them watered!

  • Vinca: these are perfect for covering your window box with green – this blogger has had vincas in his home garden for over 10 years. Just remember to trim them back every so often – they’ll grow fast and will start to cover the other flowers. Look forward to the vincas flowering every other year.

  • Ivy geranium: You’ve seen them in hanging baskets, and this perennial is just as great for window boxes. Their characteristics of long, winding vines and beautiful flowers will fill in your window box in no time at all. However, geraniums won’t survive the winter in colder climates- so consider them an annual if you have harsh winters.

  • Geraniums: Classic geraniums make ideal clusters of colors from white to salmon and are easy to grow. These will not survive the winter in cold climates, so use them as annual.

  • Bulbs: These survive even cold winters, and are available in all kinds of flowers like daffodils, dahlias, canna and lily of the valley. You can find canna bulbs from sites like this: For smaller window boxes, consider the dwarf varieties.

Happy Summer and good luck with your window box! We hope this article has given you some fresh window box ideas for the coming months of sunshine, perfect weather and FLOWERS!

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window box ideas

Window Box Impatiens -IsaBella’s Garden by glasskunstler on Flickr

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