Six Simple Suggestions For Spring Decoration

As Springs begins to bloom, the urge to shed winter decor itches homemakers everywhere inviting a new and lively way to usher in the budding season. Looking no further, one would find six simple and inexpensive hints to accomplish their bright, decorative goals at Chic Galleria!

1. Let There Be Light
As we fair the harsh, gray cold of the winter season, we bunker down in our warm homes protected from “Old Man Winter” by heavy curtains and secured windows. Spring is the time to change out those thick drapes with bamboo tortoise shell roman shades or sheers.

2. Let There Be Life
The best way to bring a breath of life into your home is to incorporate plant life and flowers to the landscape. Greenhouses are excited to ship out their floral spring batches as florists, home centers, and grocery stores are anxiously to accept. Help your pocketbook and organize your own flowers. Purchase twice as many as you think you’ll need, cut the stems short, and use any small container you can find. Floral additions are the best way to bring colorful flavor to every room in your home!

3. Let There Be Color
It’s time to cover up all those scratches and scuff marks on baseboards and moldings left by Christmas Tree transport and New Year’s Eve fun with the paint you’ve been saving all winter! You can also dress it up with a unique acrylic print from, it will make your wall stand out more and draw the eye.

4. Let There Be A Switch
After a long, cozy winter of dark blues and winter greens, it’s time to switch out those throws, slipcovers and other furniture clothes for a brighter lighter feel. As for the lazy winter feel, none needed here! Go ahead and cheer up your chairs with light linens and delicate Spring upholstery. The brighter the room, the brighter your smile!

5. Let There Be Shopping
Having trouble coming up with ideas? Get out of the house and visit your local mall, department store, or home design center. You’ll be sure to find the citrus colors of Spring mixed with the cooler shades of aqua dancing in every window.

6. Let There Be A Change
The best suggestion for anyone looking to spice up the new season is to CHANGE IT UP! Rearrange and reorganize! Where there was once a living room, let there be a dining room and visa versa. The diversity that accompanies rearrangement will surprise your Spring socks off!

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