Fun 4th Of July Craft Ideas

Some fun, family-friendly 4th of July Craft Ideas – brought to you by Shades Shutters Blinds!

First idea…

American Flag Cake:

4th of july craft ideas

If you are looking for some great craft ideas for the 4th of July, creating something edible can be a lot of fun for the kids and adults. One popular idea is to make an American flag cake. Simply bake your favorite type of cake in a 13″ x 9″ baking pan. Your project will be the actual decorating, so the type of cake will not really matter; however, if you want to follow the red, white and blue theme, you could bake a white cake and stir in some red and blue sprinkles. These sprinkles are available in many craft shops and grocery stores, especially as the 4th of July approaches.

Once you have baked and cooled the cake, the fun part begins!

Frost the entire cake with white icing; then, in the upper left-hand corner, arrange fresh blueberries in a pattern to represent the stars on the American flag.Use raspberries or sliced strawberries to make the red stripes across the cake. This is even something that the littlest kids will be able to help assemble, so it is a fun family activity. Your finished project will look great on any 4th of July table and will certainly be a fun dessert.

Fourth of July Craft:

4th of july craft ideas

If you want a craft idea that will let the kids exercise their creativity, have them collect some small stones. Look for stones that have a flat surface that can be decorated. Arrange an assortment of paints and brushes on a work table that has been covered with paper. Give the kids some ideas of patriotic symbols. For younger kids, you might want to cut out some pictures of the American flag; red, white and blue stars, Uncle Sam, fireworks and other 4th of July related symbols. Let the kids paint their rocks with a patriotic theme of their choice.

If you prefer not to use the stones, you can do the same type of project using craft paper. Simply have the kids draw and paint patriotic pictures of their choice. Kids love to paint, but be sure to arrange an area where making a mess will not be a problem. An outside picnic table covered in craft paper can be an excellent work area on a pleasant afternoon.

Older kids that want to partake in 4th July crafts may be beyond painting stones and want something a bit more difficult. Making use of machine embroidery might be something that’s more appropraite for the older kids, and with plenty of 4th July design ideas on, they won’t be short of ideas.

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